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Leadership - Testimonies

Piero is a wonderful human who naturally shares his experiences and knowledge generously, leaving a positive mark on those we share with him.
Personally, his support was essential for me as a leader at a difficult time for my team, and his teachings allowed us all to strengthen our resilience and our management capacity in times of crisis.

Miguel Medina
Regional Director – Bank

I worked with Piero in a very tough and demanding environment. 
Despite my limited experience, he avoided storming me with advice and suggestions and instead guided me by inspiration; through appropriate, open, and direct questions, he made it possible for me to look at things differently and finally come up with solutions and strategies.
Still today, he continues to be the exact source of inspiration and learning by using proper questions and deep listening.

Stefano Zannini
Coach – Lecturer at LUISS Business School

Piero is the definition of ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’ He is honest, passionate, creative, caring, and insightful.  He shows up as his true self; he is courageous and committed to bringing the best out in others. 
One of my truly favorite humans who pushes us all to be better! 

Michelle Sherwood
Financial Services Leader

With charismatic leadership and a strategic vision, Piero directed teams and projects to provide a humanitarian and medical response. His analytical skills, enthusiastic management, and passion for the context were crucial to enjoying my daily work. 
An outstanding mentor in the humanitarian world!

Julien Lefevre
Humanitarian Worker