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Organizational Transformation - Testimonies

If you want things to happen, people to see differently, and teams to believe they can do anything - you need Piero. 
He is the very embodiment of "Be the Change." He sees the world with wide eyes of possibility, a heart of deep empathy, and the belief that anything can change if people are awakened, enabled, supported, and celebrated. 
Piero is genuinely one of those people who "makes others better.

Mandi Chooi
Transformation Architect. Performance Coach.

Meeting Piero can be a good fate (as it was for me) or a wise decision. Either way, this will positively affect your company and leadership style. 
Piero has a broad and diverse background and solid experience leading people and organizations in tough contexts. Thanks to that and his unstoppable positive energy, he will help you innovate, putting the people at the very center of your organization.

Dino Torrisi
CEO and Cofounder - Futureberry

Piero is driven by a strong passion for connecting with people and positively impacting teams and organizations. 
He did an excellent job hosting a few teambuilding sessions at The Ocean Cleanup, where we had a lot of fun while connecting as a group on a deeper level. 

Henk van Dale
Director at The Ocean CleanUp

Piero is an excellent professional—a very challenging person. 
The right guy if you go through a transformational process of your organization. 
He supports people and leaders, helping them ask the right questions. He helped us find our way to building a better and more sustainable future. 
I am honored to work with him; I always admired his positivity and courage. 

Massimo Gennarelli
Cofounder and Senior Partner - Futureberry