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Mentoring - Testimonies

Piero guided me for several weeks, helping me identify, define, and lean into what had been missing personally and professionally.

With his incredible kindness and wisdom, we navigated some complex topics together, and with a good dose of humor, Piero challenged me to think often a little further and broaden my horizons. 

It was a wonderful experience where I felt cared for, guided, and supported and could be 100% myself. 

Had we lived in ancient times, Piero would undoubtedly have worn white robes and gathered crowds of curious people under the olive tree to discuss the meaning of life, love, happiness, purpose…..

Katrien Rennemeier
Sustainability expert


I was lucky to have Piero as a mentor. He has been a valuable companion on my transformation journey, challenging me to change and grow personally and professionally.

Piero is very open, charismatic, empathetic, and full of amazing energy. If you’re looking to explore your opportunities and challenges in a fun, compassionate, and inspiring way, Piero is your person!

Ksenija Perović
Strategic Brand Designer


For me, Piero’s mentoring was G O L D; it was an insightful journey. 
Via his unique methodology and new and experimental technologies, Piero guided me to new insights and views about the present, which helped me make decisions. 
I have a blank sheet today and am ready to explore new adventures. 

Monique Wisse
On a mission for planetary and human health by co-creating a regenerative food system


Piero accompanied me during the kick-off of the new branch of my life and career. I knew he would help me enter another dimension of my self-discovery journey from the first moment.

Piero is an optimist by conviction, a breath of fresh air. Whenever you talk with him, you feel boosted with such positive energy that you can move mountains. He encouraged me to dare to dream on a large scale and do things that rate up my heart.

Piero listens carefully in such a way that you feel seen and understood. 
He wisely uses his great and shameless sense of humor to enable communication to enter another level. 

Judyta Kuc
Humanitarian Worker

Piero helps you reflect and discover yourself with uncomfortable but fundamental questions for growth, all accompanied by a genuinely selfless heart, empathy, and patience.
By fostering my inner awareness about my personal goals and values, my experience with Piero was decisive for my choices. I will always be grateful to him.

Federico Lonardi
Change Facilitator