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(re)Defining your Essence - Testimonies

I had the pleasure of working with Piero for several weeks on a “Defining your Essence” journey, which was both powerful and enriching.

It gave me the time and space to look deep inside, re-discover who I am - my passions, beliefs, fears, and strengths - and come out of it with complete acceptance and gratitude for who I am. 

During our sessions, Piero brought the perfect mix of humor, kindness, and directness to guide me through this journey. I couldn’t be more thankful for this experience at an ideal time. 

If you are looking for a mentor to guide you through an incredible self-reflection and self-rediscovery journey, don’t miss the opportunity to work with Piero. You will be delighted!

Juliana Camargo
Kindness-driven change architect


Piero is a generous, honest person and a great listening partner.

With his gentle presence and lovingly provoking questions, he is the perfect guide for a transformation process.

Piero supported me in redefining my essence.

I appreciate the human-to-human conversations and his encouragement to think in possibilities.

I recommend Piero to anyone who wants to embark on a journey, personally or with a team/ group/organization. 

Working with him is a joy.

Nadia von Holzen
Curious Explorer Optimist (CEO) - Learning Moments