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Creating opportunities

My mood and mode for 2024 is to create opportunities proactively.


For the previous couple of years, I’ve been searching, looking, and sensing where the opportunities were and tried to catch, attract, and jump on them when they would show.


I moved a lot, met many people, and got involved in many conferences and meet-ups where I’d have my senses very open to grab the opportunities I perceived there.


Did it work for me this? I would say a timid yes for some aspects of it and a big yes for the incredible and primarily meaningful connections I made along the road.


However, I’ve been feeling that there is something else I could and should do. I have decided to take a more front-seat approach, opened up some unexplored or less traveled paths, and got into unknown territories, professionally speaking.


If the word “mood” means a conscious state of mind or predominant emotion, a prevailing attitude, and a receptive state of mind predisposing to action and the word “mode” a preferred way of doing and experiencing something and acting accordingly, then I can say that I’m in the mood and mode of creating opportunities for the years ahead.


How have I faced this endeavor?


First, I pushed myself to go beyond the known territory of my comfort zone and explored alternative paths that I didn’t want or dare to travel.


Second, and probably the most exciting and rewarding, is that I decided to invite people to those exploratory journeys. People who have different skills and approaches than me, people whom I have met recently and never before spoke about collaboration or working together, people who bring new angles and perspectives.


Creating such opportunities has been rich in learnings, insights, inspiration, colors, challenges, and high doses of laughs and humor.


Furthermore, the approach used is based on the generosity of sharing knowledge, professionalism, expertise, and life experiences, and that brings a very dynamic environment where co-creation is boosted and flexible to take different paths as they show up along the process.


Ideas moved from me to we to us, getting enhanced, twisted, reborn, and reshaped.


Undoubtedly, this is uplifting my creativity as every collaboration has been done with different people, very often entirely on opposite sides of the thinking spectrum and ways of doing things, thus inviting me to be as fluid as possible to navigate smoothly, change directions when necessary, and keep the process heading to our destination.


January is ending with high levels of ideas being turned into proposals, meetings into exploration, and newly met people becoming companions of un-written patterns to be done together.


A marvelous kick-off of this year!


And this is only the beginning!


I can't imagine how this would evolve, and probably I don’t even need to imagine it at all, but keep the mood and mode of creating opportunities!


the approach used is based on the generosity of sharing knowledge, professionalism, expertise, and life experiences

Creating opportunities