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The Box - Testimonies

The workshop wasn’t just about the physical box but a journey inward. Piero’s facilitation encouraged vulnerability and openness. We shared stories, challenged our beliefs, and emerged with fresh insights. Thank You, Piero! Your workshop was a catalyst for growth. I’m grateful for the opportunity to unbox my mind and explore the vastness beyond


It is an insightful workshop. Participants can feel empowered and learn how they stop themselves from reaching their full potential.


Piero thanks for showing me the way inside and outside the box, the power of well-designed carton and its tactility did the trick. The experience of wearing the box and opening it up changed awareness in my feelings, thoughts, and surroundings.


The group of participants, with different backgrounds and perspectives willing to share their personal views, was crucial in constructing a safe space to truly and genuinely participate and share. I enjoyed it a lot.


Piero Gandini is a very experienced facilitator to direct a diverse group of people through the box workshop. He clearly guides what is expected in every step of the process, creates a safe environment to share personal stories, ensures everyone feels comfortable, and works towards the desired outcome.


I had the pleasure of participating in Piero Gandini’s transformative ‘The Box’ Workshop, and it was an experience that left me both enlightened and inspired. 
As I sat there, the box perched on my head, I realized how often I operate within my assumptions. Piero masterfully guided us through exercises that peeled away those layers. We discussed biases, preconceptions, and the power of perspective. 


The box is a unique and funny experience on the one hand and a mirror of who you are on the other side. In the 3-hour workshop, you have time to reflect on who you are for the outside world and yourself. It was a great experience with a great facilitator, Piero Gandini!