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“Nobody cares how much do you know,
 until they know how much do you care”

This simple, yet powerful sentence has been the principle that guide my managerial style and also many aspects of my personal life. I’ve fully committed to make it non-negotiable while accepting new professional challenges and also is my base line to build trusted relationships with the people I’ve been encountered in my life.   

Although the quote is frequently attributed to Theodore Roosevelt, there is lack of verifiable source to confirm him as the person who said it. 
However, discussing about the author of the quote shouldn’t deviate the focus on the importance of the key words holding the message: care and knowledge. These two words are somehow contradictory to many people in their professional life due to the fact that they seem to prioritize their knowledge and know-how about a certain domain, over the way they treat people working with or for them. 

Managers that situate themselves above their workers and coworkers due to the expertise and/or experience, are showing arrogance and prepotency usually leading by egocentric style, forgetting other people. 

This sentence is about is empathy, humble attitude and true interest for others, for the person next to us. It is a solid message of respect for the human being and its wellbeing, rather than position ourselves in a superior level, assuming that our know-how is more important than anything else. 

If we will apply this sentence in any relation we have (professional, friendship, personal), our acceptance will be faster and stronger, because we will put people’s interests, needs and development on top of our agenda and will allow us to build trust, that is the base of a powerful relationship between human beings. 

I have chosen to start my blog with this sentence because its summaries the essence of what I believe: humans at the center of the organization. 

This is the core idea of the professional discipline called “Humanistic Management” that is a call to give attention and care to people within businesses as starting point to have healthier and wealthier organizations. 

In some of my following entries will go deeper about the principles and reasoning of the humanistic management because I consider that the next-generation-companies need to bring back the humanity above other considerations in order to adapt to the new paradigms and successfully survive the wave of changes we all are facing in the twenty first century.

“Nobody cares how much do you know,
 until they know how much do you care”


My intention in this blog is to be able to share my views about managerial style for the future combined with some anecdotes I lived during the different roles along my path in this world (to see more check the section Who I am in the landing page). 

All these experiences will be of no use if they remain inside myself. Sharing them is a way for me to express gratitude to the people worked with me during those specific moments and a tribute to many of them for teaching me life lessons that allowed me to reflect, correct and become better manager and much better human being.   

Thank you for your company in this trip that starts today……