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When your decisions save lives

Sharing my presence at the Super Heroes 2018 event where I spoke about the importance of decision making when working on International Humanitarian Aid projects, decisions that literally save lives.

AKA: Citizen of the world

Superpower: Decision Maker


The title of my presentation was "When your decisions save lives. Professional experience of an international aid worker "


It was a joyful talk where I started with the definition of Humanitarian Aid, I reviewed then the key questions that we ask ourselves when deciding whether or not to make a humanitarian intervention and ended up sharing real examples of situations of recent humanitarian projects in conflicts, epidemics and natural disasters, to visualize how decisions speed up or delay the arrival of humanitarian aid to needy populations.



It was certainly a living and real experience of how we can, and should, use our superpowers to leave a positive impact on humanity.

(Video available only in Spanish)