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Mentor or Coach?

“Piero, are you a Mentor or a Coach?”

“What’s the difference between mentoring and Coaching?” 

Those are the most frequent questions I am asked. 

These questions are not always easy to answer without potentially showing bias towards one or the other.  The lines between these two practices are quite thin and difficult to distinguish. 

I answer that I am a mentor who bases his accompaniment not on theoretic knowledge and learned practices but on my life and professional experiences, sensitivity, inner transformation, and motivation to be open to an experience that will enrich both of us. 

The starting point of my mentoring processes is the horizontal relation we established in the first session.  I wish to be permeated by the journey of the person I’m accompanying in this transformative path where there are no “shoulds,” no paternalism, and no condescension. 

I provide a safe space for you to connect with your authentic self. You may experience joy, sadness, reflection, tears, and laughter. You'll feel challenged, cared for, and supported.

At the end of the journey, you gain clarity and confidence in overcoming challenges, discover your ideal vision, identify self-sabotaging behaviors, and become more certain about what’s next for you. 


When is the right moment to start? 

Don’t wait for the “perfect scenario”; let's start.


Mentor or Coach?