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Ultimate freedom

The other day, I presented myself for an elected position as the president of the board of a non-profit organization, but I was not elected.

I had put much effort and dedication into this endeavor during the last weeks, but the outcome wasn’t the desired. 

People who voted for me and those who were sending me positive energy during the elections asked me why I wasn’t devastated by the results.  

It wasn’t that I didn't care or became too rational—not at all. I felt the pain of not getting the desired outcome, but I did not allow that situation to control my behavior or reactions. 

For me, it is clear that we succeed or fail in the process, not in the outcome. 

Success is giving our best in the process. We can control the process but not the outcome. 

But as we can't control the situation (the outcome), we can control how to respond. 

The ultimate freedom is to choose how we respond to external circumstances. 


Ultimate freedom

we succeed or fail in the process, not in the outcome