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Lab of Labs

In November 2023, with some friends in Den Haag, I launched “Lab of Labs,” a laboratory of laboratories.


We believe that a social laboratory can simultaneously become a valid tool for radical social transformation—a personal and collective laboratory—a place to launch a genuinely emancipating life process.


Laboratorizing is the process of not setting limits to knowledge. A place where you can live what you wanted to transform, not just what you ever thought.


At Lab of Labs, we dare to share; we do not hide what we are, what we feel, and what constitutes us.


We are taking daring steps to build the collective from the power and emancipation of the personal.



A big majority of refugees, asylum seekers and non-European economic migrants constantly face barriers and obstacles to their inclusion in the host communities and in the productive ecosystem in the country.


The future situation is pretty uncertain as more countries face a rise in right-wing populist governments and political parties with strong influence. The Netherlands is not the exception.


That’s why our first laboratory focused on opening conversations and, most probably, actionable steps forward around sensitive topics such as integration, representation, and exclusion in the country.


This open conversation, guided by Restorative Justice principles, sought to develop a safe space for discussions, among mostly strangers, wherein personal experiences and opinions could be shared to build a common understanding of the status(es) of social exclusion and representation in the Netherlands.


Lab of Labs piloted this new format of social experimentation at The Hague Humanity Hub, which “supports and strengthens the ecosystem for a more peaceful and just world. It facilitates connections and innovation by offering the ingredients for chance encounters, new alliances, inspirational collaborations, and knowledge exchange”. 


Subsequent sessions will delve into challenges faced by organizations in integrating professionals with refugee backgrounds into their workforce, aiming for actionable steps toward inclusive hiring practices in peace and justice sectors.


Lab of Labs is not a physical space but a haven of trust, respect, and real affective security. It is a place where everyone, regardless of their background, can feel safe and included.

Lab of Labs