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It is good enough

One of the frequent obstacles or barriers that people I mentor encounter when facing the reality of change is perfectionism.


Often, the ideas of doing something new, different, innovative, or simply doing something are killed by the rigorous approach that must sort out all the details before taking the step in the desired direction.


As my practice is based on mentoring principles, I regularly encourage the people I accompany in their transformation process to lose their grip on perfection and start moving.


Movement is crucial to overcoming the barriers to change we all face. Being static, paralyzed by analysis, only feeds the monster of fears and anxiety.


Also, movement contributes to letting go of the perfectionist attitude and transforming ideas and plans into reality.


They may not be as perfect and detailed as initially wanted, but they are good enough to be shared and released.


They are much better out there than covered by fear of perfection.


Be bold, be courageous, and go for it.!


I mentor women in transition and need of change. These women want to find a more meaningful life and realize their potential.

Contact me if you want me to accompany you on such a beautiful journey.

It is good enough