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Future Skills (book)



Curiosity and Continual Learning.

According to author Bernard Marr in his book "Future Skills, the 20 skills, and competencies everyone needs to succeed in a digital world,"  those are the top skills we should practice, learn, and/or enhance.

And he goes further, saying that Humility and Growth Mindset are the skills and behaviors that boost and allow us to be more curious and keep a state of continual learning.

And that’s beautiful to read in a book that is focused on the skills people need to succeed in a digital world.

In fact, the book talks about more than 20 skills, much more. And you know what, the majority of them are the essential ones (badly called ‘soft’ skills).

I find all of the 23 skills included in the Inner Development Goals framework (IDGs) in the book!

This book will help me to speak to people who think that the IDGs are a sort of "new trend", "new age", or "pseudo hippie", and who knows what other labels they put trying to discourage people dig deeper into the IDGs.

I hope that having this book in my tool kit will facilitate some of my conversations about the IDGs framework (the 23 skills included in the 5 dimensions) with leaders and managers of organizations that are reluctant to explore a more human aspect of their businesses.

I already have some of them on top of my mind. People who, when reading about those skills from a very pragmatic and business-oriented book, hopefully, would start to give permission to themselves and the people working with/for them to invest in Inner Development.