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Sustainable Development Goals applied to organizations

I used to have difficulties visualizing the real contribution for-profit organizations and individuals could make towards achieving the SDGs by 2030.


Then one day while accompanying a couple of teams during the BCorp Assessment, I dare to push further and try the #SDGManagement. I didn’t know I was among the pioneers using this at an early stage.


This tool is to be used for organizations that aim to become Certified BCorp and to become aware of the actual contribution of their actions (positive and negative) around the SDGs.


The SDG Management tool helps me to have a conversation, a reflection, and even a challenge to the organization because it brings down to earth how the private (for-profit) sector can engage with the SDGs. Concrete, not vague.


In a recent webinar given I realized that this tool was launched in 2020 and probably when I used it that year it with one of my clients was still very new.


From our extensive reflections with their teams, they came to define what SDGs they wanted to focus on and what actions they should implement. They called “our north” as you can see in the image below that is part of the Essence of the company.


The road map is there and every time they need to verify their progress or adjust their goals, they go back and use the tool that dynamically facilitates the follow-up of the contribution towards the SDGs.


No more excuses about how vague it seems for the for-profit organizations/companies to engage with the SDGs, roll on your sleeves, and get your hands on it, there is no time to waste!


Sustainable Development Goals applied to organizations