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I want to break free

Hey LinkedIn, I want more variety and much more diversity on my feed!


Would you mind freeing me from your biased algorithm?? 


I’m seeing on my feed fewer and fewer people that think, do, and behave differently than I do.

I’ve been quiet here for a while, trying to listen introspectively about what bothers me and I have come to a couple of thoughts that may or may not be linked to your experience. I let you, the reader, connect the dots if they resonate with you. 

The problem with using LinkedIn is that, during the last few months, I’m seeing on my feed fewer and fewer people that think, do, and behave differently than I do.  

I joined this social media tool four years ago eager to get a variety of topics, personalities, interests, and so on, but lately is only about what I post, like, interact with, or publish. 

I have carefully put attention to building a diverse, interesting, geographically wide network in this space because I wanted to amplify the variety of topics, opinions, ideas, and perspectives in my interaction online via LinkedIn. 

What is happening to the diversity, to the wide spectrum of the people on my network?  Why does LinkedIn choose for me what I want to see and why does it choose based on the similarities and not the differences? 

I’m tired of reading about the same again and again!  I want to be reached by the posts of people moving in a different spectrum, doing things in another way, and getting contaminated by unconventional ideas coming from people on my network (and beyond) that are not aligned with what I think or believe. 

Why, if I have decided to whom I want to connect here, I can’t decide to whom I want to read, listen and watch?? 

I’d be happier if LinkedIn instead of creating a crew of “content creators” to feed my wall daily would make it possible that I get fertilized by people on my network without you (and your controlling algorithm) deciding what I want to read. 

Is this asking too much??? 


I want to break free