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Transforming the Transformers

One of the main professional goals/challenges I set at the beginning of this 2020 was to accompany the internal transformation process of Futureberry, a company that works helping other companies to transform and innovate. 

What nobody could have foreseen at that moment, was all the extraordinary events that we have to deal with as a consequence of keeping the spirit and the dynamism to carry on the internal transformation during the crazy times of the Covid-19 confinement.  

Despite the initial and logical uncertainties of the crisis, the results of this first phase of the process are visible, tangible and very challenging.  Thanks to Futureberry’s team that was very active in keeping its creativity and engagement at high standards during the last months as one can read in a beautiful document written by the leader and explorer Dino Torrisi (here).

Today I’m delightful and grateful to offer the possibility to continue the journey from inside the organization. I’ve been invited to join Futureberry’s Leadership Team as the Essence and Impact Alchemist and at the same time to explore the possibilities to internationalize the scope of its action in northern Europe. 

I’m excited and challenged to contribute to a company that defines itself as to be “in the business of imagination. A collective of free minds, exploring better futures and creating new realities to deliver impact”.


Transforming the Transformers

I’ve been invited to join Futureberry’s Leadership Team as the Essence and Impact Alchemist

Looking back to the beginning of this 2020, I see myself heading to visit the HQ of Futureberry located at Milan, Italy.  After that visit I wrote some lines with my impressions and sensations of that very first contact with this company and already how I perceived the interesting and coherent process they were about to initiate. 

I started writing that I was very impressed about what I saw at Futureberry: a young, dynamic and creative enterprise that was in the middle of a transformation process itself in order to be up-front in modern trends and to be clear in its differentiation values that are needed to be distinguished in a competitive market. 

I saw a company that took the brave steps to implement smart actions to shake itself internally and drive out of the comfort zone where companies normally fall during the life cycle of a business.  

I felt the bold and braveness needed to take these steps, to make them unnegotiable despite the risk of disturbing the harmony in the working environment and even losing some team members along the way. 

I also felt the vibrant energy and the creativity put into the existing projects and especially the out-of-the-box-presentations of future projects to potential clients. Amazing, outstanding. 

If I would summarize my thoughts and feelings during my first visit to Futureberry, I’ll use the word “Coherence”. Simply because as an enterprise that accompanies its clients towards a process of innovation and change, Futureberry understood the need to carry on an internal transformation process aiming to keep the irreverence and the rebel spirit in all its actions therefore maintaining the pertinence of its essence, its soul. 

I also learned a lot from situations I observed and sense among the people. One that called my attention more than others was to discover that even a company that works in transformation and innovation as its core business, faces difficulties and barriers to accept and confront the changes needed. 

It was a fantastic lesson learned about the human nature of the resistance to changes that inspired me to be more conscious, more realistic and emphatic when doing my job as strategist and motivator of change not only at Futureberry but in other projects. 

In future entries I’ll go further in writing about all the lessons learned of this phase one were we managed to set up the basis of the company (we have called the essence) that are the foundations needed to embrace the future and dream even higher.