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United Nations soup

Here I am, in another African country where the effects of a growing economy can be seen in the daily life of a busy city such as Accra, its capital.

Ghana was the first African country to gain independent from the colonial oppressor on the 6th of March 1957 and since then has been considered one key actor in regional affairs. Ghana strengths are its political stability, the law for doing business, the modern banking system and the security within its territory, especially when compared with neighboring countries

Had the opportunity to meet government officials in charge of attracting foreign investment into the country and also participated in a forum EU-Ghana that aimed to “boost investment for sustainable employment in Ghana” or in other words, a plan for DIF (Direct Investment Fund) from the EU into the country that will help in development and, in the long term, impact the migration issue from Africa to Europe.

What I heard was how the country works hard to make their market stable and secure for attracting investment. At the same time what are the EU initiatives for Ghana and the ECOWAS region. As a conclusion, there is room enough for diversity, innovation and creativity in a growing market with a young population eager for opportunities.

United Nations soup

And that’s why, the costly visa to enter the country has been my first concern, not because I disagree with the measure but because of the lengthy and difficult process and the expensive fee it represents (150 USD single entry). 
I understand that countries set up the visa requirements according to reciprocity, meaning if my nationals are asked visa in another countries, we would ask visas for their nationals. I also support that countries find in visas one source for income, but process of getting it should be easier and mostly on-arrival mode. This would be a signal of openness that will also impact, positively, business environment and welcoming attitude. 
Undoubtably a point to pay attention and to adjust for good. 

Accra is a nice city, hot but windy, it is wide and has open spaces, not so congested in terms of vehicles and at the same time has plenty of informal business visible at every single traffic light where variety of products, food and beverages can be bought. 

One special dish called my attention: The United Nations soup!!
What a great name for a spicy greenish soup plenty of animal protein 

Joyful people are the Ghanaians, humorous and friendly. They welcome foreigners in a hassle-free environment where one can move and be at ease.

Their food is delicious and spicy; cassava, plantain, beans, corn, meat, dry fish and nuts are the base of their fabulous and rich dishes. Also, their beverages are very spicy, even the ones they use as refreshments.

I enjoyed a multiple dishes buffet in a traditional restaurant where locals eat in especial occasions, simply the best meal I have in a very long time.
One special dish called my attention: The United Nations soup!!
What a great name for a spicy greenish soup plenty of animal protein such as dry fish, pig, goat, beef and snail…. a truly UN mix, accompanied by fufu (a mash done by cassava and plantain). More than accompanied I should say, that the fufu is submerged in the soup that is eaten with the hand and only at the end you use spoon for the remaining broth.  

Definitely has been a great experience this trip to Ghana, a place I didn´t know before and where I plan to return soon…….