More humanity, better future.

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More humanity, better futures.

Sparking the flames of change for individuals and organizations craving humane-centered transformations. Guiding them through experiences that sculpt better futures, emboldening them to embrace their nonconformist and disruptive edge, and unlocking their fullest potential.

Piero Gandini.

Hi, I´m
Piero Gandini, citizen of the world, motivator of changë, and disяuptor.

Practitioner of equality and inclusion, open to diversity, constantly learning, an optimist by conviction, a believer in change. A creative, inspiring, empathetic, and strategic leader who is fully convinced of the abilities of the human being to create, innovate, and, above all, be happy.


People First.

I believe real transformation happens through people. New technologies, mechanisms, strategies, and processes are meaningless without the people's involvement. It is through their capacities, commitment, behaviors, and beliefs that a true transformation happens.

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About me

And I’m a motivator of change, starting with myself.

My working experience is multisectoral and multicultural, as I have worked in the private sector, in the world of humanitarian aid, in diplomacy, and as an entrepreneur. This diverse experience has allowed me to live in Asia, North and Latin America, Africa, and Europe, giving me a global worldview enriched by different cultures I seek to share with other agents of change.

My purpose is to unleash the true potential of people, the inner potential that we all have to create a positive impact around us.

This is the source of my motivation to inspire and accompany organizations and individuals in their change, innovation, and transformation process.

I see myself as an active member of a global movement for change, a collective of thinkers, doers, and makers contributing to creating a more human and empathic world.

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What do I do...

Transformation for positive impact.

I accompany transformation processes of organizations and individuals. Start by rediscovering the inner uniqueness and then adapting actions and behaviors to prepare for the new realities where a positive impact on society, people, and the planet is fundamental.

Are you or your organization aiming to contribute to a better future? Let’s talk!

Keynote Speaker, Workshops.

I bring an outside view and perspective that is diverse, non-binary, progressive, and provocative, opening up possibilities for exploring new or old things from different angles. 

According to the specificities, my tailor-made approach is ample: out-of-the-box workshops, inspirational events, and many other non-conventional experiences.


Do you want to know more about yourself?
Are you at that stage where you don't know how you are or where to go?
Do you need to (re) clarify/define/discover what's next for you?
Do you feel constrained, stuck, or overwhelmed?
Are you seeking more clarity and confidence to overcome what paralyzes and delays?


In this mentoring journey (online or hybrid), there will be no “shoulds,” no paternalism, and no condescension. 

I will create a safe space for you to connect with your most authentic self without filters. You may experience joy, sadness, reflection, tears, and laughter in this space. You will feel challenged and troubled but also cared for and respected.

Don't postpone your decision waiting for the “perfect” scenario. 
Let's start today!



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