More humanity, better future.

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More humanity, better future.

Through innovation, we work with you to challenge, to analyze and break the paradigms of your organization and to help you think differently, making your experience of transformation towards a better future profound, allowing you to embrace new realities.

Piero Gandini.

Hi, I´m
Piero Gandini, citizen of the world, motivator of change.

Practitioner of equality and inclusion, open to diversity, in constant learning, optimist by conviction, believer in change. A creative, inspiring, empathetic and strategic leader who is fully convinced of the abilities of the human being to create, innovate and, above all, be happy.


People First.

I believe the real transformation of an organization is done through its people. New technologies, mechanisms, strategies and processes are meaningless without involvement of the people. It is through their capacities as well as their commitment, behaviors and believes that a true transformation happens.

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About me

And I’m a motivator of change, starting with myself.

My working experience is multisectoral and multicultural, as I have worked in the private sector, in the world of humanitarian aid, in diplomacy and I was also an entrepreneur. This diverse experience has allowed me to live in Asia, North and Latin America, Africa and Europe, giving me a broad worldview, global and enriched by different cultures that I seek to share with other agents of change.

My purpose is to unleash the true potential of people, the inner potential that we all have to create a positive impact around us.

This is the source of my motivation to inspire and accompany organizations and individuals in their process of change, innovation and transformation.

In the near future, I see myself as an active member of a global movement for change, collectives of thinkers, doers and makers contributing to create a more human and empathic world.

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What do I do...

Transformation for positive impact.

I accompany transformation processes of organizations and individuals, centered in people. Starting by rediscovering the inner uniqueness (Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values) then adapting actions and behaviors to be ready for the new realities where positive impact towards society, people and planet is fundamental.

Are you or your organization aiming to contribute for a better future? Let’s talk!


As a top manager, you will hear from me what nobody in your company dares to tell you. I will gently challenge and give you a different perspective on your organization, the strategy and the decision-making process.

Together we will build the path for you to continue forward.

Keynote Speaker, Workshops.

In a fast-changing world, I inspire professionals, entrepreneurs and new generations who look forward and who want to transform themselves to grow professionally and personally, walking towards a better future.

Let’s talk to see how my storytelling, based on my experience, can stimulate and inspire you and the people working with you.