More humanity, better business.

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More humanity, better business.

Proper management of people is the key to business success. It has been proven that happier employees achieve better results because their level of commitment and productivity is higher.

Piero Gandini.

Hi, I´m
Piero Gandini, citizen of the world, motivator of change.

Practitioner of equality, open to diversity and inclusion, in constant learning, optimist by conviction, believer in change. A creative, inspiring, empathetic and strategic leader who is fully convinced of the abilities of the human being to create, innovate and, above all, be happy.


Make it happy, make it happen!

Happiness is the mental state of well-being where the human being fully develops their emotional, relational and professional capacities, making the most of their potential and creating a positive impact on everything that surrounds them, people and environment.

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About me

I’m a motivator of changes, starting with myself.

I will accompany in your process of change and innovation based on my own reality, my own vital processes of life change and the cycles I have experienced throughout my life.

My working experience is multisectoral and multicultural, as I have worked in the private sector, in the world of humanitarian aid, in diplomacy and I was also an entrepreneur. This global experience has allowed me to live in Asia, North and Latin America, Africa and Europe, giving me a broad worldview, global and enriched by different cultures that I seek to share with other agents of change. 

And from all this experience, the biggest challenge I have faced is to lead by example that also means to aspire to live coherently all the time: owner of my own life meaning combining and balancing professional and family life, follow my passion and being able to break all the paradigms and go for my dreams, even if that means leaving my comfort zone, my environment and cultural habits.

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What do I do...

Increassing employees happiness

I accompany processes to raise the level of happiness within organizations and companies by putting people at the center, working from my know-how and the diverse and inclusive professional experience; providing greater happiness, empathy and resilience among working people and, therefore, ensuring a future for the company.

Speaker, Mentoring, Workshops

In a fast-changing world, I inspire professionals and entrepreneurs who look to the future and who want to transform themselves to grow professionally and personally, walk towards a positive and lasting impact through happiness, creative leadership and humanistic management, where people are the core and the competitive advantage of the company.